Education Ministry: Will probe Ghaazee School administrator’s case; not given a promotion

Ghaazee School teachers protest against the school’s Administrator Aishath Shiyaza over corruption on December 14, 2022. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shaathiu Abdulla)

Education Ministry, on Wednesday, has stated that they will probe the allegations of corruption against Ghaazee School’s Administrator Aishath Shiyaza, and take action as deemed fit.

Earlier today, Ghaazee School teachers protested at the school premise, allegedly over Education Ministry’s failure to take action against the school’s Administrator over acts of corruption.

A teacher who participated in the protest told Sun on the condition of anonymity that the severity of acts of corruption by the Administrator had been brought to the attention of Education Ministry, despite which no action has been taken to date.

The teacher accused the Administrator of forging leave certificates from some staff, embezzling from the money received by the school from leasing its turf ground, and using her post to provide advantages to third parties from the school.

The teacher also suspects corruption in the construction works of the school.

Education Ministry in a statement on Wednesday said that they have conducted an internal audit with respect to the corruption allegations against Ghaazee School’s Administrator Aishath Shiyaza.

They emphasized having initiated an administrative investigation after having taken note of violations in utilizing of funds.

The Ministry did not detail when the investigation and the audit were initiated.

Education Ministry said that they a probing a case of a staff of Ghaazee School taking home one of the TVs donated to the school by parents, and the forging of documents of some staff by the administrator.

They also noted that the case has been submitted to Maldives Police Service as it involves a criminal offense.

Shiyaza was transferred to Education Ministry’s Inclusive Education Department after the case came to light. Ghaazee School staff viewed the transfer as a promotion.

However, Education Ministry said that the transfer was made in order to ease investigations in the case.

“The administrator was transferred to a depart of the Ministry temporarily, but not as a promotion. And not as switching that person’s employment to the ministry,” the statement read.

Education Ministry said that they have provided the opportunity for those implicated in the case to respond to the allegations. They added that action will be taken against them in line with the Civil Service Commission’s regulations.