Two injured in hole collapse at Addu in good health

Addu Equitorial Hospital. (Photo/

Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH), on Monday, stated that two workers that were injured after being trapped inside a collapsed hole workers from Fenaka Corporation were digging in a road in Addu’s Hithadhoo district to install sanitation pipes are in good health.

The incident took place Sunday night, and resulted in injuries to two workers from Fenaka – both of them Maldivian males.

An official from Fenaka’s Hithadhoo branch told Sun the workers had been trapped inside the hole for approximately 10 minutes before they were rescued and taken to the hospital.

One of the workers was treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to the severity of his injuries.  

AEH’s Senior Customer Relations Office Saafy Mohamed reported improvement in the condition of both workers being treated at the hospital on Monday.

The worker who was treated in ICU was a 40-year-old who sustained rib fractures. Saafy noted that although he still remains in ICU, he is in good health.

The second worker is a 50-year-old. Saafy said that he is being treated at the ward, and is expected to be discharged sometime today.

Fenaka said they had observed safety standards, and that the cause for the hole collapse was unclear at this point.

This is the first time such an incident happened here, said Fenaka.