Color of nurses’ uniform changed to mint green, attendants to light blue

Nurses at the B. Atoll Hospital show off the new uniform. (Photo/B. Atoll Hospital)

Health Ministry has made the decision to change the color of the uniform of nurses to mint green and attendants to light blue, and instructed hospitals in Maldives to implement the change.

According to information released by the Health Ministry, the color of the new uniform for nurses is mint green, with the burqa (if worn), the pockets and the drawstrings of trousers a darker green.

The new uniform for nurses.

Meanwhile, the color of the new uniform for attendants is light blue, with the buttons and the color dark blue, and the burqa (if worn) black.

The new uniform for hospital attendants.

Health Ministry’s Communications Director Aminath Shathufa states that hospitals have been instructed to begin using the new uniform.

She noted that some hospitals have already begun using the new uniform.

The uniform of nurses and attendants was changed at the request of the Nurses Association.