Sun Media Group appoints Khaleel as CEO, Asif as COO

Sun Media Group's staff welcome newly appointed CEO Ibrahim Khaleel and COO Mohamed Asif (Mondhu). (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Sun Media Group, on Monday, announced the appointment of Ibrahim Khaleel as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Mohamed Asif (Mondhu) as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Since last year’s June, to date, Sun Media Group was headed by Dr. Ashraf Abdul Raheem, in the capacity of COO.

Sun Media Group’s founder Ahmed Siyam Mohamed met with the newly appointed CEO and COO, briefing them on why the media outlet was incepted 15 years ago. New appointees were also requested to ensure that Sun Media Group is run in the best possible manner an independent media outlet can be run in a democratic society.

Sun Media Group's Founder Ahmed Siyam (L) meets newly appointed CEO Ibrahim Khaleed (C) and COO Mohamed Asif (Mondhu) (R). (Sun Photo)

He appealed to the new appointees’ expertise and guidance in taking Sun Media Group to new heights by changing the direction of the media outlet to all possible avenues for further development.

Siyam also requested Sun Media Group’s participation in training youths for the media sector. He urged the media outlet to undertake all work necessary to contribute to national development and bring happiness to Maldivian citizens.

Speaking during the meeting, newly appointed CEO Khaleel said that the biggest priority is to take Sun Media Group to new heights. He assured that efforts will be undertaken to build educated youths for the media sector.

Newly appointed COO Asif said that Sun Media Group’s content in the future will see the participation of the whole nation.

“Sounds and scenes from the greatest number of islands would be brought. We will work really hard on diversifying the content,” he had said.

Sun Media Group’s staff gave a warm welcome to the newly appointed CEO and COO during a special function. Both individuals briefed the staff regarding their vision for the media outlet.

Sun Media Group's management and staff pose for a photo. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Khaleel who began his career in the media sector as a reporter at ‘Haveeru’ news 33 years ago served as the head of state media twice. He held editorial positions in the state media’s newsroom for 20 years, without break. Khaleel also held senior posts at both Dhi FM and VTV. Apart from having filled the post of Maldives Media Council’s president – he also filled senior posts in regional media associations.

Asif joined TVM as a producer in 1991. He last held the post of a COO in state media, before he left. Asif also served as the COO of VTV, and the president of Maldives Media Council. He runs a personal production house under the name ‘Mondhu Productions’.