Taking action for vehicles with illegal number plates from October

Police manage traffic in Male' City ring road on March 2, 2021. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Action will be taken against those vehicles with registration plates against that vehicle the dictated regulations, from October 1 onwards.

In an announcement publicized by the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, it noted that of recent, the plates on vehicles do not follow the regulations.

As per the regulations, in Maldives in order to drive any vehicle, a vehicle registration need to be obtained and the number given upon registering need to be displaced on a plate.

The said board has to have the registration number written in Arial bold font, and should also be in the dictated size. It should be a white board with white letters.

Some other regulations to be followed in displaying the number plate are that the screws holding it in place should not be sticking outwards more than a centimetre. The lettering should not be engraved nor should it be sticking outwards from the plate more than one centimetre as well.

Moreover, it is illegal to display the number on a paper board.

Meanwhile, those vehicles registered to businesses should have the board in yellow colour with black lettering.

Vehicles utilized for consular missions need to be on a blue board with white letters on them.

Using any other colours, or colours that glow is not allowed.

 Maldives Police Service said that till Saturday, October 1, they will be advising those with vehicles that are not following the rules.

However, from October onwards, action will be taken against them as per the laws.