Four injured in dinghy-speedboat collision

At the scene of the accident where a dingy and speed boat collided, injuring four.

An accident occurred at sea near Hulhumale’ on Saturday, where a speed boat and dinghy collided, leaving four people with injuries.

Notably, during the collision, the speedboat went over one of those injured who was thrown overboard in the incident.

Maldives Police Services said that the authority received reports of the accident at about 19:55 pm.

They further revealed that those injured include two local men, one expatriate man, and a woman. All were taken to hospital to treat their injuries.

Additionally, Police detailed that two were taken to Tree Top and the other two are undergoing treatment at Hulhumale’ Hospital.

Addressing the incident, Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) stated that having spotted a speedboat and dinghy near the entrance of Hulhumale. A coast guard vessel had approached and questioned them.

They went on to state that once they were informed of the man overboard, a diver from MNDF went into the water to rescue him.

The man was first taken to MNDF Kalaaseenu Koshi, and then to Hulhumale’ Hospital.