Missing elderly woman in Gan found in forest area

Khadeeja Abdul Rahman, 85, Raihfusge, Thundi, Gan, who went missing on Tuesday evening, was located on Wednesday morning at L. Gan forest area. (Photo/Social Media)

The elderly woman who went missing from L. Gan on Tuesday evening has been located during a search operation for her this morning.

The woman was identified as Khadeeja Abdul Rahman, 85, Raihfusge, Thundi, Gan.

In an earlier statement to Sun, Gan Council President Ahmed Zaki said that search commenced for Khadheeja at approximately 6:30pm on Tuesday. He added that her family reported that Khadeeja had been home earlier in the evening. Zaki also said that Khadheeja suffers from a disability.

Speaking to Sun this morning, Zaki said that Khadheeja was found at approximately 6:15am.

“She was found inside the forest area. Near a bunch of dustbins located at where the sewage system is established,” he detailed.

Zaki said that Khadheeja was in good health when she was found. However, he noted that she was very exhausted, due to her old age, and illness. He added that Khadheeja was taken to the hospital after she was located.

The council president also thanked Gan residents for cooperation rendered in the search for Khadheeja by the police at MNDF which commenced at dusk on Tuesday.

An elderly woman also recently went missing at GDh. Thinadhoo.  She was discovered hours into a search operation, fallen unconscious inside an uninhabited house.

She was treated in ICU following her discovery. However, she passed away two days later, amidst treatment.