Young man drowns after falling overboard ferry

An aerial shot of G.A Gemanafushi. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shafeeu)

A young man from GA. Kanduhulhudhoo drowned on Sunday evening, after he fell overboard a ferry traveling to his home island from GA. Gemanafushi.

An official from Gemanafushi Health Center told Sun a young man who fell overboard a ferry was brought in at approximately 06:00 pm.

The official said the young man, identified as a 24-year-old from Kanduhulhudhoo, was unresponsive when he was brought in.

The doctor confirmed the cause of death as death from drowning, said the official.

A local source told Sun the young man fell overboard as the ferry was travelling on the Gemanfushi channel.

According to the source, the young man had been at the front of the ferry and had sunk straight down when he fell overboard. Two people on the ferry immediately jumped overboard and pulled him out of the water. The channel has a depth of approximately three meters.

A source from Kanduhulhudhoo told Sun the young man has a history of seizures, and likely fell overboard after he suffered a seizure.