Council to cover expenses of Thoddoo’s 11th graders

Students attend assembly at AA. Thoddoo School. (Photo/Thoddoo School)

AA. Thoddoo Council has made the decision to cover the expenses of 11th graders at the island’s school, and grant them an additional allowance.

In an announcement Friday, the council said Thoddoo School would begin teaching 11th grade this year.

The council said that students would be travelling from other islands to join the 11th grade, and that the council would arrange their stay and food. The council said the students would receive it until they complete their education.

The council students from Thoddoo would also receive an allowance. However, the council did not say that the allowance would be.

The council asked interested students to contact the council.

Thoddoo has a population of approximately 2,000. Some 400 students study at the island’s school.