MDA City Office opened in Kulhudhuffushi

From the opening of an MDA City Office in Kulhudhuffushi City. (Photo / MDA)

Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) on Saturday opened its City Office in Kulhudhuffushi City and began work on strengthening party activities.

The office in Kulhudhuffushi was opened by MDA’s Vice President and former Kendhikulhudhoo MP Ali Mauroof.

Speaking to Sun, MDA’s Policy and Development Council President Shuaib Ali said that the party was working on opening offices in all of the cities of Maldives.

He went on to state that an office was already opened in Fuvahulah and they will be on opening in Addu City next month.  

Additionally, Shuaib said that MDA’s political activities will be carried out in a way where the party ideologies are taken across in a decentralized manner.

“MDA political activities are arranged and organized in a hopeful manner with experts.”

Furthermore, Shuaib stated that the activities being held right now were in preparation for the upcoming Presidential Elections in 2023. He added that the party aims to win that election and also the Parliament Elections that will come afterwards.

“God willing we will contest in all the council elections as well. We will political power by holding internal elections in the party to elect candidates.”

He also said that in a government of MDA, they will be working closely with the people to solve problems faced by them.

Noting that there is no one more capable than the President of MDA Ahmed Siyam to develop Maldives, he said that the party stands for development, which was evident from the name itself.

“When asked if Siyam should be elected as President in 2023 or if he is capable, the people I meet from islands tell me yes. Everyone I meet on the islands tells me yes. I have not met anyone who has said no.”

Shuaib assured that in an MDA administration they will work to attain progress economically and developmentally. He also said that they will look into problems faced by different islands and find permanent solutions to those.