MDA, only party with progressive policies: Salim

Kendhikulhudhoo MP-elect Hussain Salim -- Sun Photo/ Aman Latheef

According to Kendhikulhudhoo MP-elect Hussain Salim Mohamed, Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) is the only party maintaing progressive ideals and policies.

While speaking with the locals of N. Kudafari, as part of MDA leader Ahmed Siyam Mohamed's visit to the island on Saturday, Salim made these remarks.

In his speech, Salim claimed he chose a career in politics through MDA to uphold the progressive policies for the enrichment of the Maldivian citizens.

Salim further claimed MDA is actively working to increase the wealth of the public, and assured to enhance the lives of the people.

"To the people of Maldives, especially to the people of N. Kudafari and others in the atoll, we will provide stability and prosperity with God's grace," Salim commented.

While praising his brother, Salim claimed Noonu atoll will progress under Siyam. He also argued the atoll's progress is not rivalled by any other atoll, with the exception of Male' atoll.

He also thanked the party's success in the parliamentary election, especially by the results from Kudafari.

Salim said the party envisioned for a prosperous and economically beneficial future for Noonu atoll and the entire country. He assured the party's commitment with the public's support.

Speaking at the same ceremony, Velidhoo MP-elect Mohamed Abbas assured to fulfill the promises to the public under the long-term vision of Siyam. He promised to work diligently to ensure the party's policies are realized.

"The party's leadership is ready to do whatever it takes to strengthen MDA in Noonu atoll," Abbas said.

Siyam received a warm welcome from N. Kudafari, his birth island during his visit on Saturday.