TaZa launches two new environment-friendly products

Launching ceremony of two new environment-friendly products by Island Beverages Maldives' (IBM) under its 'TaZa' brand on August 9, 2022. (Photo/IBM)

Island Beverages Maldives (IBM) has launched two new environmental-friendly products under the company’s ‘TaZa’ brand.

The new products were launched at a special ceremony held at Hotel Jen on Tuesday night by Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom. This ceremony was also attended by IBM’s Chairman Hassan Shah and Managing Director Ibrahim Anwar.

Both newly introduced products were launched under a new campaign; ‘TaZa Veshi’. This campaign is aimed towards cleaning up the effects of plastic pollution, promote responsible disposal, recycling and reuse of its products and provide alternatives to minimize single use plastics.

The products introduced in this regard includes TaZa 5G – 18.9L and TaZa glas bottles in the sizes of 500ml and 100ml. IBM said that the products are produced in a more sustainable way, providing the highest quality drinking water to the market while minimizing single use plastics.

IBM said that the newly introduced products will be available for purchase starting August 15th.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Minister Mausoom commended efforts by IBM in incorporating sustainable materials into producing their new products. 

Established in 2002 – IBM boasts 20 years of exceptional service this year. With over 200 employees, they are the manufacturer and distributor of TaZa bottled water, which now has a 100 percent geographic coverage across the Maldives. 

IBM reiterated its commitment to increase its efforts towards becoming a more environmentally sustainable company.