First Lady: Need to manage independence to built nation in union

First Lady Fazna Ahmed made a virtual address at the high-level roundtable on "Rethinking Mental Health: A Commonwealth Call to EMPOWER, Care and Transform. (Photo / President's Office)

First Lady Fazna Ahmed on Tuesday stated that in order to build the nation together, we need to learn how to manage independence.

She made the remarks during an interview given to local channel RaajjeTV by the first lady and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on the occasion of the 57th Independence Day of Maldives.

In the interview, she stated that today, all the citizens need to learn how to manage independence.

“We cannot go without speaking to each other in the name of independence. Today, we need to be responsible about this, and even if it is at individual level, managing independence need to be learnt.”

Moreover, she highlighted that the work that needed to be done in union to built the nation can only happen after relalizing the significance of managing independence.

This needed to be done both on individual and nation level, added the first lady.