NDMA: Nine islands greatly impacted by wave surges

Flooding in Th. Omadhoo due to wave surges prompted by severe weather. (Photo/Omadhoo Council)

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Monday revealed that the wave surges due to the recent bad weather experienced by Maldives caused major destruction to nine islands.

 According to information shared by NDMA till 16:00 on July 23, a total of 261 damage assessment forms have been submitted.

Forms were submitted by:

S. Maradhoo – 8 houses

S. Maradhoofeydhoo – 20 houses

Sh. Bilehfahi – 2 houses

Gdh. Rathafandhoo – 8 houses

Th.Thimarafushi – 61 houses

Gdh. Madaveli – 67 houses

Ha. Vaikaradhoo – 2 houses

Gdh. Fiyoaree – 11 houses

Gdh Hoandedhdhoo

NDMA detailed that from these houses, the extent of damages to 96 houses disrupted their livelihood.

Additionally, the authority highlighted that the greatest impacts were felt by farmers, with 110 houses submitting forms regarding damages to their farms.

Some of the items grown such as peppers, papayas, betel leaves, banana, breadfruit and mango trees were destroyed.

Moreover, NDMA stated that they were working to provide assistance to those islands that submitted forms.