Check program of sea vessels commences in conjunction with Eid holidays

An MNDF Coastguard vessel. (Photo/MNDF)

MNDF’s Coastguard has commenced a check from for sea vessels in conjunction with this year’s Eid al-Adha holidays.

The operation is carried out by MNDF’s Coastguard in conjunction with each year’s Eid holidays as a large number of people travel via sea during the period – in order to ensure adherence to the required precautionary measures onboard guaranteeing passengers’ safety.

Under this operation that has been underway since last Thursday, MNDF detailed that they will be checking whether sea vessels are in compliance with provisions penned down in the seaworthiness certifications.

In this regard, they will be checking marine VHF, whether boat captains have their licenses and other precautionary measures pertaining to the safety of passengers.

MNDF said that officers of Coastguard’s second squadron are currently active in Male’ area as part of this operation. Meanwhile, the operation is being carried out at islands at atolls by Coastguard squadrons based at MNDF’s area commands.

Whilst the operation is set to unfold in three phases – Coastguard squadron will be active across different areas in the Maldives as part of operation during the Eid holidays until the end of the school holidays.