First couple to depart for Hajj on Monday

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and First Lady Fazna Ahmed. (Photo/President's Office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and First Lady Fazna Ahmed are set to travel to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, to perform the Hajj pilgrimage this year.

The President’s Office’s Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez told Sun that this was an unofficial trip being undertaken by the couple. 

“This trip is not included within the quota Maldives received this year. Going on their own,” he added.

The first couple is set to depart from Maldives on Monday.

As per the calendar, Hajj pilgrimage of this year will commence on July 8.

Saudi Arabia granted quota for 453 Maldivian hajj pilgrims this year – the lowest quota granted to the country in years.

Only Maldives Hajj Corporation was granted the opportunity by the government to send pilgrims for the annual Hajj pilgrimage this year. Of the slots, 352 were given to those that waitlisted with the corporation, and the remaining was decided through a draw.

The last group of Maldivian pilgrims travelling to Makkah, Saudi Arabia had departed on Saturday night. President Solih had met the pilgrims at Velana International Airport, to bid them farewell.