Nasheed: Likely that Fayyaz was unaware of floating city’s concept

Speaker of Parliament, former President Mohamed Nasheed on an episode of 'Ask Speaker'. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Parliament Speaker, MDP’s leader Mohamed Nasheed has stated it is likely that Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail is unaware of the floating city’s concept.

Speaking in the fifth episode of ‘Ask Speaker’ show on Thursday night regarding the floating city project, Nasheed said that Netherland’s Dutch Docklands contracted for the project has requested that all homes build under the project not be sold to tourists.

He added that part of the floating city has been requested to be allocated for social housing.

“Under the Tourism Act, it is apparently very difficult to acquire a mortgage for a sublease if there is a head lease,” he added.

Nasheed cited the aforesaid as the reason Economic Council was against including social housing in the project.

“I think it is likely that Fayyaz was unaware the (floating city’s) concept. Sometimes, when some people are unaware, they would think things are like this,” he had said.

Nevertheless, Nasheed said that Tourism Minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom will be aware of this knowledge – subsequent to which a relevant agreement has now been executed.

An additional agreement was signed on last week’s Thursday, changing the project to an integrated tourism model.

Nasheed has previously alleged that the floating city project was deliberately derailed by the government because his name was associated with the project.

Refuting these allegations, Minister Fayyaz underscored that lagoons issued to Dutch Docklands for the project were for free.

He also said the law did not allow for social housing to be built as part of such a project.