Parliament concludes second session of the year, Speaker Nasheed applauds MPs

Parliamentarians pictured during a parliamentary sitting. (File Photo/People's Majlis)

Parliament, on Thursday, has concluded the second session of the year.

Parliament’s standing orders state the first session must be held from February to April. This year, the Parliament concluded its first session and went into recess on April 26. Parliament reopened for second session on May 16.

Whilst the last sitting of the second session was held today – Speaker Mohamed Nasheed who was presiding over the sitting applauded and thanked all parliamentarians during his concluding remarks.

“As I believe, the attentiveness paid to sittings by you members, how much bills are read and to the extent they are revised as well as the comprehensive debates and amendments put forward here will set an example for future generations in the Maldives,” he had said.

During the second session of this year, Parliament completed works on eight bills. In this regard, at today’s sitting, Evidence Bill, Bill on Categorizing and Ranking Specialist Products, Bill on the Trade of Endangered Species, Bill proposing amendments to Fisheries Act and the Bill proposing amendments to Tourism Act were passed.

Meanwhile, work on two resolutions and three issues were completed. Apart from this, works on one motion put forth by the chair, two emergency motions and five motions submitted by members were also completed.

Cabinet ministers were questioned 30 times. Six reports presented by Committees were also reviewed and passed.