Judge Dheebanaz, Nihayath and six others apply for High Court vacancies

Jude Dheebanaaz (R) and Judge Nihaayath .

A total of eight people - including Criminal Court Judge Dheebanaz Fahmy and former Deputy Prosecutor General Mariyam Nihayath - have applied for the vacancies at High Court. 

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has confirmed that by the end of the deadline for application, eight people had applied for the posts. 

The remaining applicants are, Civil Court Judge Zubair Mohamed, a former member at the Tax Appeal Tribunal Aishath Azfa Abdul Gafoor, a former lawyer at the PG Office Shukurulla Shakeel, and Civil Court Judge Hafiza Abdul Sattar, Mohamed Saleem (Morning Villa / F. Bilehdhoo) and Magistrate at Naifaru Court Mohamed Moosa. 

Last week, JSC made the decision to appoint Chief Judge of the Family Court Uz. Huzaifa Mohamed as a High Court Judge.

The High Court had two vacancies - one to replace Judge Abdul Rauf Ibrahim who resigned, and the other to replace Judge Abdulla Hameed – who the Parliament voted to dismiss.

The dismissal of Judges Abdulla Hameed and Abdul Rauf Ibrahim was in connection to their violation of Article 152 of the Constitution by directly accepting flats granted as an allowance from the government, without any involvement of the Parliament. The commission noted that this was a violation of the constitution, and against the code of conduct for judges.