MP Ali Hussain: No need to pay political parties while country in debt

Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Parliament representative of Kendhoo Ali Hussain said that while the country is being run after taking mounts of debt, there was no need for the state to provide funding for political parties.

Speaking to Sun, MP Ali said that instead of giving those funds to the parties, it would be better to give it to NGOs that do various social works.

He went on to state that political parties were no more prestigious than any other organization. He added that parties too were organizations, it all started that way.

Moreover, he noted that just because the “organization” conducts political activities or functions under a political agenda, it does not mean the state has to finance that.

Ali also said that no useful work is being done using those state funds.

“We are financing the protests against the government at the time. After being arrested for that, the state again spends on them.”

He questioned why protests against the government, funded by the government were being allowed.

In addition to this, MP Ali stated that people are unlawfully being registered as parties because funding is being provided.

The issue of fake registrations, with people being registered to parties without their knowledge, has been prevalent.

In order to tackle this, the Elections Commission has announced that it would e fining political parties for fake forms submitted to the commission.

Moreover, it would be publicizing the information of people who apply to register with political parties in order to ensure the integrity of membership forms.