Hiyaa Flat tenants that have not paid rent ordered to pay fine

An aerial view of Hiyaa Flats in Hulhumale' Phase II. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Tenants of Hiyaa Flat developed at Hulhumale’ Phase II that have not made rent payments yet have been ordered by Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to pay fine.

An official from HDC who spoke to Sun said that fine enforcement was previously informed – whereas they have begun to send notices to tenants that need to pay up.

Tenants of the Hiyaa units were granted a seven-month rent moratorium to complete finishing work on their units. The moratorium period expired in April. With the subsequent enforcement of rent – some individuals have been urging tenants to refrain from making the rent payment on social media and such.

HDC has previously stated that they would lodge formal complaints with the relevant authorities regarding individuals that are urging the non-payment of Hiyaa Flat rent.

In a statement released today condemning such calls - HDC said that urging the violation of a legally binding contract is a crime. They also noted that the corporation had no legal obstructions to enforcing the rent of Hiyaa Flats.