I Film's 'Biruveri Vaaahaka' premiers on DhiraaguTV

A poster from the newly premiered horror series ‘Biruveri Vaaahaka’ by I Film on DhiraaguTV & DhiraaguPlay Video on Demand (VoD) platform. (Photo / Dhiraagu)

DhiraaguTV premiered a new horror series ‘Biruveri Vaaahaka’ by I film on DhiraaguTV & DhiraaguPlay Video on Demand (VoD) platform.

The new series was premiered on June 3, 2022, and will be airing weekly.

Speaking about the series, the Director and CEO of I Films Ilyas Waheed said, the series dwells on the paranormal, and detailed that each episode will depict a different story, which would resonate deeply with a Maldivian Audience.

He also noted that this was the first series undertaken by them.

“… we are grateful for Dhiraagu and its team for giving us the opportunity to showcase our talent, a long time in the making, due to the pandemic, we are finally ready to launch, and eagerly waiting for the reaction from our audience. Thank you Dhiraagu for sticking with us and your continuous support for us throughout all of this.”

Additionally, the Product Manager of DhiraaguTV Hassan Husnee said that that they were pleased t bring this “exciting series” to their customers, after all the challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are always committed to bringing exciting new content to our DhiraaguTV customers.”

DhiraaguTV is the first IPTV service provider in the Maldives offering a Video-On-Demand feature with international & local content via a fixed broadband connection.

VoD is an innovative feature that will redefine how customers use and consume media. This feature enables DhiraaguTV to provide a wide range of entertainment options to customers that can be conveniently accessed - anytime, anywhere.

Dhiraagu stated that they constantly strive to support local artists that will help them “take on tomorrow” by making local content easily available on Dhiraagu digital platforms.

They further said that with the increasing demand for quality content, Dhiraagu is committed to enriching lives with the most exclusive experiences made available.