Morning sessions of three schools cancelled over power outage in Male’ City

Iskandhar School in Male' City. (Sun File Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Morning sessions of three schools were cancelled over the power outage faced in Male’ City this morning.

The power went out approximately at 4:00 am with State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) confirming a complete power outage in Male’ City at 07:30 am. Power was resorted to all areas around approximately 9:15 am.

Subsequent to the power outage – three schools were forced to cancelled their morning session. The three schools are Imaadudhin School, Iskandhar School and Izzudheen School.

Education Ministry confirmed that permit had been given to three schools to cancel their morning session over the power outage. However, the Ministry said that afternoon session at the said schools will proceed as scheduled.

STELCO said that the sudden power outage was triggered by an earth fault.