National oratory competition: Top 10 selected from lower secondary

Students participate in the 35th national oratory competition. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

The top ten students have been selected from the lower secondary category in the 35th national oratory competition underway in memory of Uz. Ibrahim Shihab.

Dhivehi Bahuge Academy’s vice president Zulfa Ibrahim told Sun that the debate segment has begun with the conclusion of the speech segment.

120 students from 25 schools are taking part in the competition this year.


  • Nameera Ahmed Saeed, Arabiyya School
  • Yoosuf Naveen Saeed, Majeedhiyya School
  • Muayyad Mabah Mohamed, Arabiyya School
  • Fathimath Sara Nazeer, Jamaluddin School
  • Zain Abdul Khaleel, Iskandhar School
  • Aishath Easha Ibrahim, Majeedhiyya School
  • Aishath Meesha Mujthaba, Iskandhar School
  • Aishath Shufra Mohamed, Majeedhiyya School
  • Khadeeja Zeen Zahir, Fuvahmulah School
  • Aishath Reem Abdul Rasheed, Jamaluddin School

The top ten students will go to the next round, in which they will take turns speaking on the topics given, and then be required to speak on quick topics using general knowledge and their own opinion.

“The purpose of including quick topics in this year’s national competition is to develop the students’ inherent oratory skills,” said Zulfa.

Students participate in the 35th national oratory competition. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Students are participating from schools in six atolls this year. They are:


  • Mohamed Jamaluddin School
  • Hafiz Ahmed School
  • Fuvahmulah School

GDh. Atoll:

  • GDh. Atoll Education Center

N. Atoll:

  • N. Lhohi School

Addu City:

  • Sharafuddin School
  • Hithadhoo School

Sh. Atoll:

  • Sh. Atoll Madrasa

HA. Atoll:

  • HA. Ihavandhoo School

Zulfa said the participation of teams from schools in the atolls has increased the competitiveness.

Students participate in the 35th national oratory competition. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Fuvahmulah School’s leading teacher Aslam Hussain said it was the first time for the school to join the competition.

“This competition provides a huge opportunity to students. The students have received a huge assurance. This proves these students have oratory skills,” he said.

Imaduddin School’s leading teacher Faisal Zaheen said he was satisfied with the arrangements for this year’s competition.

“One of our special needs students spoke in this year’s competition. I am very satisfied with the performance,” he said.

A lecturer at Maldives National University and literature teacher at Jamaluddin School, Anwar Ibrahim told Sun the competition will train students with oratory skills.

“I believe this competition will produce students who have oratory skills and are ripe for it,” he said.

Colonel (retired) Mohamed Nasheed, who coaches students for the competition, said there was some room for improvement with regard to arrangements for the competition, such as facilitating the return of students from atolls, once they are done.

The debate segment for offices, clubs, and organizations is currently underway in the competition, while the next round for top ten students in lower secondary and second round for higher secondary students will be held tonight and tomorrow night.

The competition is being held at the hall of Maldives Polytechnic in Male’ from 01:00 pm to 03:00 pm, 04:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and 08:00 pm to 10:00 pm each day.