Pay hike for Male’ City Council staff to be requested

Male' City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

It has been proposed at Male’ City Council – to put forth a request for a pay hike for council staff with the Finance Ministry.

Speaking at the 51st general meeting of Male’ City Council, Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh said that salaries of council staff should be increased during this period of time the salaries of other government authorities are being increased.

He stressed that Male’ City Council staff, on a daily basis, provides services directly linked to the public.

“The hardest work is being carried out by Male’ City Council staff. It is our council staff that provides service to two-thirds of the Maldivian population. Therefore, they should be entitled to a fair wage for the work they do,” he had said.

Criticizing the government further – Nareesh accused the government of being indifferent toward Male’ City Council. In this regard, he highlighted the inability to employ an adequate number of employees due to not having approval from the government.  

“We remain without being unable to take hundreds of employees needed because the government has not allowed so. The difficulties arising due to these circumstances are mainly tackled by the councilors of this term,” he had said.

Nareesh cited the lack of an adequate number of employees as a reason why City Council’s work cannot be executed perfectly.

The proposal by Deputy Mayor Nareesh regarding the pay hike was seconded by Vilimale’ constituency councilor Nahula Ali.  

In today’s meeting, it was also decided that a committee will be construed to oversee the planning of celebratory activities for Male’ City Council’s anniversary.