Islamic Ministry: 42 Maldivian islands without poor

Officials from Ministry of Islamic Affairs collect Zakat al-Fitr at Islamic Center in Male' City. (File Photo/Sun)

In distributing the monies collected this year as Zakat-al-Fitr – Islamic Ministry has stated that 42 local islands without poor.

Over MVR 7 million was collected from Male’ area as Zakat-al-Fitr this year. Meanwhile, MVR 450,373 were collected from 42 residential islands without poor.

Islamic Ministry said that monies received from 42 islands without poor as Zakat has been distributed to nearby islands.

The 42 islands without poor include three islands from Haa Alifu Atoll, one island from Haa Dhaalu Atoll, six islands from Shaviyani Atoll, three islands from Noonu Atoll, two islands from Raa Atoll, four islands from Baa Atoll, one island from Kaafu Atoll, four islands from Alifu Dhaalu Atoll, four islands from Vaavu Atoll, five islands from Meemu Atoll, three islands from Faafu Atoll, three islands from Thaa Atoll, one island from Laamu Atoll and two islands from Dhaalu Atoll.

Whilst Zakat was accepted in form of money and crop – they would be distributed by the Islamic Ministry and local council by those registered as poor.

Zakat is a form of almsgiving. As one of the five pillars of Islam, Zakat is a religious duty for all Muslims who meet the necessary criteria of wealth to help the needy. It is a mandatory charitable contribution.