Police agree to allow May Day rally following talks

Participants of a May Day rally in Male' City in 2016. (File Photo/Sun)

Police have reversed their earlier decision not to allow for a rally in the Maldivian capital demanding the protection of the rights of workers to mark the International Workers’ Day.

The rally is organized by the Maldives Trade Union Congress (MTUC).

Police had informed MTUC on Saturday evening that they would not allow for the rally to be held.

Police said on Sunday that given the high traffic in Majeedhee Magu during evening time in Ramadan, and especially on the last day of Ramadan, they asked the organizers to hold the rally in an area allowed by the law instead of Majeedhee Magu.

The organizers were told the rally wouldn’t be allowed after the refused to agree to the terms, said police.

Police said they later engaged in discussions with MTUC, and agreed to allow the rally to be held in a different mutually agreeable location.