Maldivian: Ratmalana operations halted for Ramadan, false reports being circulated

Maldivian Airline's inaugural flight to Ratmalana lands at CIAR to a water cannon salute on March 27, 2022. (Photo/CIAR)

Island Aviation’s Deputy Managing Director Aishath Jennifer has stated that the national airline, Maldivian’s recently commenced operations to Ratmalana, Sri Lanka has only been ceased for the month of Ramadan – adding that false reports are being circulated claiming the airline to have discontinued Ratmalana operations.

False reports have been circulating on social media claiming that Ratmalana operations which commenced last Sunday, had been discontinued over lack of demand.

Denying the reports, Jennifer told Sun that Maldivian will be commencing scheduled flights to Ratmalana after Ramadan. She added that the trip made by a Maldivian flight to Ratmalana on Sunday was to mark the inauguration of operations.

“Maldivians do not travel during the month of Ramadan. Moreover, there is very low traffic movement within this period. Thus, we had not planned to hold scheduled flights during the month of Ramadan either way,” she had said.

Maldivian’s operations to Ratmalana come after the Colombo International Airport, Ratmalana (CIAR) which had been Sri Lanka’s first international airport, reopened for international flights after 55 years. 

The inaugural flight from Male’ to Colombo landed at the CIAR to a celebratory water cannon salute on Sunday, marking the first international flight to land at the airport in half a century. 

Jennifer added that the celebratory event also marked the airport’s summer schedule commencement

“The last Sunday of each March marks the commencement of the summer schedule. Operations will continue from that season on, therefore they wanted to hold the ceremony on the day of summer schedule commencement,” she explained.