Ooredoo and Kandoodhoo Council partner up to build Kandoodhoo Mirus brand

A capture from the inauguration ceremony of the campaign to further build Kandoodhoo Mirus brand. (Photo/Ooredoo Maldives)

Ooredoo Maldives and Kandoodhoo Council have partnered up for a special Ramadan campaign focused on building the Kandoodhoo Mirus (chili) brand to enable Kandoodhoo farmers to market the product to new local and international markets.

The campaign was launched at a ceremony held at the Local Government Authority (LGA) on Thursday, by LGA’s President Afshan Latheef. This ceremony was attended by Kandoodhoo Council President Ahmed Ahmed Reehan, Ooredoo’s Managing Director, CEO Khalid Al-Hamadi, management of the telecommunication company and esteemed guests from Kandoodhoo Council.

Built upon the popularity and the uniqueness of the chili, Ooredoo and Kandoodhoo Council has built a brand for the chili to include brand guidelines, a special logo and a dedicated website for Kandoodhoo Mirus.

Ooredoo said that the brand was established for the purpose of further establishing the product across Maldives and other countries as well as to link the people of Kandoodhoo to new opportunities and support their socio-economic growth.  

Apart from the launch of Kandoodhoo Mirus brand – Ooredoo also partnered with Enzi to create a special hot sauce using the chili. The sauce comes in different levels of spiciness from Hot, Very Hot to Fiery Hot to cater to people with different levels of spice tolerance.

Those interested in Kadoodhoo Mirus Hot Sauce can make their purchase through the newly developed Kandodhoo Mirus website and Ooredoo’s e-commence platform, Moolee.

Speaking at the campaign launch ceremony, LGA’s President Afshan stressed that she hoped the initiative represent a strong example of corporates can support local communities in the islands by facilitating exciting new opportunities for economic growth.

Ooredoo’s Managing Director, CEO Al-Hamadi said that the initiative will elevate the locally produced Kandoodhoo Mirus into a brand new local and global markets which will drive the local economy of the island.

“For this year’s Ramadan, we have partnered with Kandoodhoo Council with the initiative to elevate the locally produced Kandoodhoo Mirus into a brand that to new local and global markets, which will ultimately flourish the local economy of the island. We are proud to see the works of our partnership with Kandoodhoo Council come alive today and we will continue to further develop and support the people of Kandoodhoo in their venture to reach greater heights,” he had said.

From 2001 onwards, Kandoodhoo Mirus has gained popularity among the local communities for its distinct taste, smell and its fiery hotness. Kandoodhoo Mirus is a unique locally produced variant of scotch bonnet, which has now become a household name in the Maldives.