Eva defends AG, says it was Imran who was dishonest

Deputy Speaker, North Galolhu MP Eva Abdulla. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Parliament’s Deputy Speaker, North Galolhu member Eva Abdulla has stated that there were individuals with the police purposefully committing wrongful acts – adding that she leans heavier on the stance that it was Home Minister Imran Abdulla who has been dishonest at the Parliament.

Eva has made the remarks whilst debating on the motion submitted to the Parliament over dishonesty of the minister – following Home Minister Imran’s repudiation of Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath’s statement that there were individuals within the police and other investigative authorities well aware of the loopholes within the system who misuse them to purposefully commit wrongs.

In this regard, Eva said that the individuals committing wrongs within the police and courts existing everywhere in the world is a well-known fact people are aware of.

“It is known that there are police officers purposefully committing wrongs across the world in drug cases, human trafficking cases and other major criminal cases. This is a fact which cannot be denied,” she had said.

Eva described Minister Imran’s repudiation of such officers existing within the Maldives Police Service as unbelievable.

“If said that this government will not commit wrongs or this police officer will not commit wrongs, no one will believe,” she added.

Speaking further, Eva said that Attorney General would not utter such lies and therefore, Home Minister Imran's remarks need to be further investigated in this case.

“I am very sure that the Attorney General would not make such remarks if it held no truth. Thus, the best way is to investigate Home Minister’s remarks and present us the findings of the investigation,” she had said.