MNU’s AMED project members completes training programme in Croatia

Members of MNU who participated in the training held in Croatia. (Photo/MNU)

Members of Maldives National University’s (MNU) project 'Advancing higher education in Maldives through E-learning Development' (AMED) has completed training in Croatia.

According to MNU, the project members participated in the 4th f2f project meeting held at the University of Zagreb, in Varaždin, Croatia.

A total of 15 staff participated in the “job shadowing” programme by the university’s Faculty of Organization and Informatics.

The programme held from February 12 till March 18, was aimed at promoting e-learning in Maldives, and was worth EUR 592,720.

The Faculty of Organization and Informatics is coordinating this European Union (EU) project, led by Associate Professor Igor Balaban, PhD.

In addition to Zagreb University, the Open University of Catalonia in Spain and Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNET) are also project partners.

AMED’s website stated that the project has a goal to enable support of the modernization, approach and internationalization of high education placed in Maldives through academic teacher competencies and skills promotion, considering new innovative education programs in E-learning.