Registration open for Ooredoo Masrace

A fisherman poses for a picture with his catch during Ooredoo Masrace 2019.

Ooredoo Maldives has opened registrations for the 11th season of Ooredoo Maldives. 

Ooredoo Masrace is an exciting fishing tournament held annually during Ramadan. It has become an integral part of Ramadan in Maldives, enjoyed by communities across the nation, where participating teams will compete in a reef fish fishing competition throughout the month.  

Interested parties have been invited to register for the tournament through an online portal on Ooredoo Maldives website. 

Registration closes on March 23. 

The tournament is back this year after a two-year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Ooredoo Maldives’ Chief Commercial Offier Hussain Niyaz said the company was excited to announce the 11th season of the tournament. 

“We are extremely excited to announce the 11th season of Masrace after a two-year break due the COVID-19 pandemic. Masrace has become an event where communities across the nation look forward to, during Ramadan, to take part as a fun activity that can be enjoyed with friends, family and colleagues. With popular demand and with the removal of restrictions, we look forward for Ooredoo Masrace 2022 which will be another colorful and fun filled season. Fishing has always been huge part of our culture; hence we greatly encourage our younger generation to join us and embrace the traditions," he said. 

Ooredoo Maldives and its partners for Masrace is offering fantastic prizes for the winning teams. The prizes include:  

  • MVR 50,000 for the Champion Team, based on the weight and quality of the fishes caught 
  • Cash prize MVR 5,000 for the fisherman who reels in the heaviest catch  
  • Cash prize of MVR 5,000 to the fisherman who catches the most fish 

Ooredoo Maldives has welcomed government institutions, corporates, and the general public to join the race as teams of twelve, including a manager and coach.  

The first round Ooredoo Masrace 2022 is scheduled to commence on April 5. 

Ooredoo Masrace will be held every Tuesday and Saturday throughout Ramadan until the last ten days, with the grand finale scheduled on May 1. 

Ooredoo has welcomed everyone to join in the festivities of the event held at Usfasgandu including Boduberu on Masrace days upon the return of the teams with their catch.