Housing Minister: Will not prioritize marital status in issuing land from Male'

Minister of Housing Aslam speaking at the ceremony held to hand over the 100 housing units build in Lh.Naifaru to the island council. (Photo/ President's Office)

Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam on Monday stated that marital status was not given priority when issuing land plots for the permanent residents of Male’.

Responding to questions posed by parliamentarians, Minister Aslam said that families applying together will be given the highest priority.

Additionally, he stated that only the Male' residents without 600 square foot land to their name will be eligible. He added it was one of the conditions that they cannot own a plot of that size, even though inheritance.

“If any individual inherits a land [plot of that size] after receiving the land [issued by the government from Male’], they would have to let go of one,” said Aslam.

Speaking further about the eligibility, he stated that when giving points, those younger will be given more points, while marriage does not earn any additional points.

“We are not thinking of giving more points to a married individual. However, (more points) for those jointly applying with family. [I] am stating how we have thought to do this, and how it has been put in document.”

Furthermore, he noted that there is a criterion to award points based on the number of children in care, as well as those caring for someone disabled.”

“That is all we are looking at [when giving points]. Then we have to consider living status. We have yet to finalize criteria for that.”

In his presidential address to commence the Parliament for the year, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih revealed plans to issue land plots to the residents of Male’, by allocating 1,000 plots from Hulhumale, at least 2,000 plots from Gulhufalhu and further plots from the land which will be reclaimed from Giraavaru lagoon.

He had given assurances that housing opportunities will be provided for those in need before the end of his presidential term.