Taxis resume operations on fares proposed by taxi centers

Taxi captured driving on Majeedhee Magu in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Taxis have resumed operations on fares proposed by taxi centers in light of recent hike in fuel prices, citing to have received no response from Transport Ministry.

One of the individuals that led the taxi divers’ protest told Sun that the decision was taken during a meeting held by taxi centers after concluding the protest today.

He detailed that taxi fares will be displayed on all taxis from now on, therefore, the customer will be opting for the service if they approve the fare for their destination.

“As this is a transaction carried out by agreement between two parties, the Police nor anyone else can stop this,” he added.

After today’s Friday Prayer, taxi drivers held a car rally from Rasfannu area in Male’ City, to Ruhgandu 2 area in Hulhumale’.

Taxi drivers held a protest yesterday as well. They gathered at Ruhgandu 2 area, at 13:00pm in the afternoon. Having not received a proper response from Transport Ministry regarding their concerns, the drivers headed towards Rasfannu area.

However, they were impeded by the Police near the beginning of Nirolhu Magu, resulting in them getting stuck. With a large number of drivers, on the road, it ended up closed – disrupting public transportation in the area in the process.

The road was opened three hours later, after which taxis had crossed the bridge to go near the Food Court area in Male’.

Taxi centers have met with Transport Ministry on two occasions, regarding the issue of taxi fares. Their main demands are expediting the process of installing taximeters and increasing the price of taxi fares until meters are installed.

Transport Ministry said that discussions were underway with stakeholders regarding the matter, and that they would try to give a definite response by Sunday.