Mother: Duckson’s death suspicious, please investigate

31-year-old Sri Lankan football player Duckson Pulsas, who plays as a defender for Maldivian football club Valencia. (Photo/FAM)

The mother of Sri Lankan football player who was playing as a defender for Maldivian football club Valencia, Duckson Pulsas, has strongly urged authorities to investigate Duckson’s death, citing it to be suspicious.

Duckson was discovered hanging in his apartment on last Friday night. Sun has learned that there was a note written in Sri Lankan language at his apartment.

Sri Lanka news outlets reported that Duckson’s mother requests the government to conduct a thorough investigation on the basis of having taken note of matters that are suspicious regarding his death.  

The news outlets further report that the family was discussing with relevant Maldivian authorities to transport his body to Sri Lanka.

31-year-old Duckson was an integral player in the Sri Lankan National Football Team. In last year’s SAFF Championship, he showed an amazing performance for Sri Lanka, having even won ‘Man of the Match’ title in match against India.

Whilst he had played 14 matches for Sri Lankan National Football Team, he has scored no goals.

Before joining Valencia, he played for TC Sports in the last season.

Police confirmed of having been reported Duckson’s death, however, have not disclosed any additional information regarding the case.

Sri Lankan news outlets stress that Duckson’s death is a huge loss for the country. Duckson is survived by a wife and a child.