11 courses assigned to colleges to train youth

From the ceremony held by the Higher Education Ministry to sign the agreements with the colleges. (Sun photo)

The Ministry of Higher Education on Thursday handed over 11 courses to three different courses under the programme ‘Skills for a resilient Workforce.

In the ceremony held today at the Higher Education Ministry, the courses were handed over to Maritime Academy of Maldives, Maldives Institute of Technology and Zikura International College.

As per the Higher Education Ministry, a total of 350 students will be trained from these colleges under this initiative.

Courses assigned to Zikura International College:

-         Computer Hardware and Networking


Courses assigned to Maritime Academy of Maldives:

-         National Certificate 3 in Programming

-         National Certificate 3 in Guesthouse Operation

-         National Certificate 3 in Boat Operation

-         National Certificate 3 in Marine Mechanic

-         National Certificate 3 in Health and Safety Construction


Courses assigned to Maldives Institute of Technology:

-         National Certificate 3 in Agriculture

-         National Certificate 3 in Water Supply System Operation

-         National Certificate 3 in Gardner

-         National Certificate 3 in Heavy Vehicle Operation

-         National Certificate 3 in Automatic Mechanic

Skills for a resilient Workforce was introduced on July 15, 2020, with the aim to assist businesses and institutions to overcome the economic hardships due to COVID-19, through providing training to Maldivians in a range of areas and bringing them out into the job market.

Speaking at the agreement-signing ceremony, the Minister of Higher Education Dr Ibrahim Hassan expressed hopes to see 350 youth transition to the job market after completing the courses.

He added that there are plans for 35 more courses as well.

“Unlike the courses that we ran before, students who are working can also take part now. As long as the required commitment and time are given by the students to them (those running the course).

Additionally, he noted that these changes were made based on the feedback received from private providers.

The Minister also noted that there are talented youth who want to be independent, but are being forced to work a different job due to circumstances.

He added that the country will progress when a talented and creative generation is built and expressed his gratitude towards the government and private parties for their support in this.