Taxi centers hold meeting; to propose installing taximeters to government

Meeting held between taxi centers operating in Male' area on February 22, 2022. (Photo/Mohamed Zahir)

A meeting was held between all taxi centers that are operating in the Male’ area last night – during which they had decided to install taximeters on taxis.

Seventeen taxi centers took part in this meeting which was held at Raakani Beach Restaurant in Hulhumale’. That is all taxi centers that are operational in Male’ and Hulhumale’.

One of the individuals who spearheaded this meeting, Mohamed Zahir told Sun that the decision was made after taking public interest into consideration as well. 

“This was decided on the basis that installing taximeters was the best course of action in consideration of loss incurred by drivers and fairness for passengers,” he had said.

Zahir stressed that the decision would not increase the cost of taxi fares beyond reachable heights.

“Assuming that a trip from Maafannu to Henveiru costs around MVR 30. If it is a shorter trip than that, the price would be even more cheaper than this,” he detailed.

Participants of the meeting had decided to propose their views to the relevant government authorities.

With the increase in fuel prices, many taxi drivers have expressed concern over losses incurred due to controlled prices. In this regard, they have stressed they are unable to secure a fair income after spending on car maintenance and such.

Efforts to install have taximeters on taxis had taken place prior to this as well; however, unsuccessfully.

Transport Ministry was not immediately available for comment regarding the matter.