65 women, 14 children among regulars at ‘drug cafes’ in Male’

A woman is escorted out during a raid on a 'drug café' in Male City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Police state that drug addicts identified to frequent customers at the drug cafes in Male’ City include 65 women and 14 children.

The information was released in a press briefing at Iskandhar Koshi on counter-narcotics operations by the police on Monday morning.

Head of the Drug Enforcement Department (DED), Superintendent of Police Ahmed Shakir said 1,118 drug addicts frequent drug cafes.

They include addicts the Drug Court has ordered assessments of, 17 addicts scheduled to stand trial, 217 ordered to rehab.

They also include 305 addicts expelled from treatment, 141 on their second drug conviction, 101 addicts whose cases were withdrawn, and seven scheduled for pre-trial hearings at the Drug Court.

The addicts who frequent drug cafes include 178 who have no court case against them despite police records, and 152 who have no record with the police or Drug Court.

Police said that 67 of the addicts were homeless.

Police said that the number of homeless drug addicts was highest in Hithadhoo, Addu City. There are seven homeless addicts in the island.

The drug addicts who frequent drug cafes include 65 women and 14 children, as well as 56 people above the age of 50 years.

The highest number of drug addicts among women, children and people above 50 years are from Male’.

139 of the drug addicts who frequent drug cafes are foreign workers. They include 134 Bangladeshis, three Indians, and two Sri Lankans.