Hotel JEN becomes first property rated by Halal Travel

From the ceremony held to certify JEN Maldives by Shangri-La as a 5-star MFTR property.

Hotel JEN Maldives by Shangri-La became the first property rated under Muslim Friendly Travel Rating (MFTR) by Maldives Halal Travel.

MFTR is an annual rating that evaluates tourism establishments in the Maldives, including hotels, resorts, safaris, guesthouses, on their compliance with Muslim etiquettes. The voluntary rating is given after a rigorous examination of each property to check if it meets the requirement of Halal Travel.

Evaluation Points:

-         Halal food

-         Recreational facilities for men and women

-         Conservative dress code

-         Muslim-friendly amenities,

-         Level of privacy

-         Level of non-halal activities

-         Services in Ramadan

-         Prayer facilities

-         Financial transactions

After the evaluation, JEN was awarded 5 stars and hence considered to be a top-class property that provides exclusive services for Muslims.

In a ceremony held at JEN Maldives, the Founder and Managing Director of Maldives Halal Travel Dr Hussain Sunny Umar handed over the special plaque to Brice Lunot, the General Manager of JEN

In addition to the plaque, the establishment will be given a certification and a stamp that identifies them as a 5-star MFTR property.


Those seeking an MFTR rating are requested to reach out to Halal Travel via email ([email protected]) for further information.