MP Aslam elected as MDP’s Parliamentary Group Leader

MDP's Parliamentary Group Leader-elect, North Hithadhoo MP Mohamed Aslam. (Photo/MDP)

North Hithadhoo MP Mohamed Aslam has been elected as Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) Parliamentary Group Leader.

Voting in the election of the Parliamentary Group Leader started at 13:30pm this afternoon.

Aslam secured 40 votes in the election. Current Parliamentary Group Leader, Central Henveiru MP Ali Azim who contested for the post alongside him secured 25 votes.

Out of currently sitting MDP’s parliamentarians, Aslam is the longest sitting member. In this regard, he has been serving as a parliamentarian since 2005, without break.

In November 2018, Aslam was elected as MDP’s Parliamentary Group Leader. He was serving as the Parliamentary Group Leader until the election of new members in 2019.

Voting also took place today to elect two Deputy Parliamentary Group Leaders. The candidate that had gotten the most votes from the ones contesting is Alifushi MP Mohamed Rasheed (Big-A) with 49 votes.

Two other candidates who contested for the post – South Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem (Andhun Hussain) and Hulhudhoo MP Ilyas Labeeb – were tried with 34 votes each. Therefore, an additional round of voting will take place to elect a second Deputy Parliamentary Group Leader.

The only candidate who was contesting for the post of Parliamentary Group Secretary-General, Central Fuvahmulah MP Hussain Mohamed Didi, had gotten 63 votes. Feydhoo MP Mohamed Nihad who contested for Deputy Secretary-General won the election with 35 votes. Meanwhile, his competition, North Henveiru MP Ibrahim Muiz scored 29 votes.

North Thinadhoo MP Abdul Mughnee who contested for the post of Parliamentary Group Chief Whip had won the election with 34 votes. His competition. Makunudhoo MP Mohamed Raai, got 31 votes.

Members who contested for the posts of Parliamentary Group’s Whips:

Komandoo MP Mohamed Rashid (Rado) – 51 votes

Vaikaradhoo MP Hussain Ziyad – 58 votes

Ihavandhoo MP Mohamed Shifaau – 54 votes

South Mahchangolhi MP Ahmed Haitham – 52 votes

Fonadhoo MP Moosa Siraj – 61 votes