Minister Imran: Unclear what has to be outed when calling ‘India Out’

Home Minister Imran Abdulla during a ceremony held to destroy 324 kg of drugs on October 8, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has stated that it is unclear what has to be outed in the opposition coalition’s ‘India Out’ campaign.

Parliament’s Committee on National Security Services (241 Committee) is currently investigating a case filed over ‘India Out’ campaign. The case was filed by Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Minister Imran was summoned to a meeting of the Committee today, regarding the case, during which he reiterated that the government will not take any action which may threaten the independence and sovereignty of Maldives and impact the safety of citizens.

Noting opposition parties should have the right to criticize the government whilst the government is based on a multi-party system – Minister Imran said that the opposition coalition is raising their voice against neighboring countries as they have not had any success by criticizing the government.

He also added that participants of the campaign are unclear regarding the purpose of the campaign.

“When calling ‘India Out’, it is not clear what has to be outed. Many projects pertaining to the Maldives and its people are being carried out with assistance from India,” he had said.

Noting that many Indian nationals are in the service sectors of Maldives, Minister Imran said that things have reached a point where Indian teachers and doctors working in the Maldives feel threatened for their well-being. He described this as a threat to the civil security of Maldives.

He also stressed that many individuals with criminal records are part of ‘India Out’ protests which have born situations where people’s lives and property are exposed to danger.

Minister Imran also said that such acts negatively impact Maldivians going to India for medical purposes as well as the security and safety of the country.