Govt. to submit 36 bills in 2022’s first session

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The Attorney General’s Office states the government will submit 36 bills to the Parliament during the first session of the year.

The list was submitted to the Parliament by the President’s Office on Tuesday.

 The bills include 14 bills to enact new laws. They are:

  • Bill on Provision of Legal Assistance
  • Bill on Compensation for Defamation
  • Bill on Maldives Media and Broadcasting Authority
  • Bill on Determination of Ranks
  • Maldives Health Services Bill
  • Family Bill
  • Companies Bill
  • Bill on Workplace Safety
  • Industrial Relations Bill
  • Waste Disposal and Management Bill
  • Bill on Collection and Use of Rocks, Sand and Gravel
  • Civil Aviation Bill
  • Bill on Protection of Rights of Air Travel Passengers
  • Bill on Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

The other 22 bills are amendments to existing laws. They are:

  • Bill to Amend Narcotics Act
  • Bill to Amend Counter-Gang Violence Act
  • Bill to Amend Counter-Intimidation and Possession of Dangerous Weapons and Sharp Instruments Act
  • Bill to Amend Counter-Terrorism Act
  • Bill to Amend Counter-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Act
  • Bill to Amend Protection of Religious Unity Act
  • Bill to Amend Criminal Procedure Code
  • Bill to Amend Penal Code
  • Bill to Amend Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act
  • Bill to Amend Judicature Act
  • Bill to Amend Judges Act
  • Bill to Amend Provision of Health Services Act
  • Bill to Amend Counter-Domestic Violence Act
  • Bill to Amend Protection of Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Provision of Financial Assistance
  • Bill to Amend Tourism Act
  • Bill to Amend Public Finance Act
  • Bill to Amend Arbitration Act
  • Bill to Amend Climate Emergency Act
  • Bill to Amend Environmental Protection and Preservation Act
  • Bill to Amend Utility Regulatory Authority Act
  • Bill to Amend Foreign Service Act
  • Bill to Amend Civil Service Act

Parliament, which opened for the year 2022 last week, is currently engaged in work on the bill to amend the Judges Act in order to allow female judges six months of maternity leave.