Bid submission for 18 islands for resort development extended

Aerial view of Eriyadhoo Island Resort (Photo/Arena Tours)

The bid submission opened last October for 18 islands in 10 atolls for resort development has been extended.

The bid invitation was announced on October 31, during the Investment Forum conducted by Maldives during Dubai Expo.

The islands open for bid are:

  • HA. Alidhuffarufinolhu (3 hectors) 
  • HA. Medhafushi (10.90 hectors) 
  • HDh. Kudafarufasgan’du (1.20 hectors) 
  • Sh. Kudalhaimendhoo (14.70 hectors) 
  • R. Eh’thigili (with 10 hectors from R. Alifushi lagoon) (10.90 + 10 hectors) 
  • M. Seedheehuraa (1.28 hectors) Seedheehuraa Veligandu (with Seedheehuraa) (3 hectors) 
  • M. Maausfushi (10.40 hectors) 
  • F. En’bulufushi (1 hector) 
  • F. Jinnathugau (0.89 hectors) 
  • Th. Olhufushi (3 hectors) Olhufushifinolhu (with Olhufushi) (0.54 hectors)
  • Th. Kaaddoo (3.9 hectors) 
  • L. Kashidhoo (3.1 hectors) 
  • L. Bodumun’yafushi (3 hectors) 
  • L. Dhonberahaa (1.44 hectors) Holhurahaa (with Dhonberahaa) (0.6 hectors) 
  • GA. Maarehaa (17 hectors) 
  • GA. Funadhooviligilla (5 hectors) 
  • GDh. Kan’dahalagalaa (7.4 hectors) 
  • GDh. Fereythaviligilla (as a cluster) (1.4 hectors) Dhekaan’baa (with Fereythaviligilla) (2.39 hectors) Koderataa (with Fereythaviligilla) (2.5 hectors) Island on coordinate 0°22’12.86"N 73°1'28.98" E (with Fereythaviligilla) (2.9 hectors) 

Although the initial deadline for bid submission announced by Tourism Ministry was the end of this month, via an announcement made last week, the deadline has been extended until March.

The deadline for bid submission for islands from all atolls other than Laamu, Gaafu Alifu and Gaafu Dhaalu Atolls is March 22. The deadline for bid submission for islands from these three atolls is March 23.