Colonel (Rtd) Nazim: Will force development of airport in Komandoo area

MNP's leader Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim. (File Photo/Sun)

President of Maldives National Party (MNP) Colonel (Rtd) Mohamed Nazim said that he will pressure the government into developing an airport in the Komandoo constituency.

Speaking at a ceremony held by MNP in Male’, Colonel Nazim said that the government was seen bringing development to the Komandoo area after MNP talks of their plans for the constituency.

 “When this party started speaking of the Komandoo constituency and visited the islands and talked about it (developments), then those hopes were seen becoming a reality.”

Hence, he stated that they will make use of that power to pressure the government into building an airport near Komandoo.

“We want to bring an airport there (Komandoo constituency). By the will of God, we will pressure the government, make sure the government hears this.”

Colonel Nazim went on to say that projects such as linking Komandoo to Mathi Komandoo were things citizens were asking for a long time, but those dreams only started becoming a reality once MNP began talking about it.

“We saw announcements for resort development come after we talked about lack of resorts. When we loudly talked about linking to Mathi Komandoo, we saw some colour come into that.”

Additionally, Nazim criticized the government recently commencing the project to build an ice plant in Komandoo. He said that even this project was initiated after MNP spoke of its significance of it.

Moreover, Nazim assured that his party would aid in providing economic opportunities for the citizens of this constituency.

“Many people of this constituency make use of resources from the sea such as lobsters and octopus. But they have no way of earning an income using this.”


He assured that if MNP wins the Komandoo seat in the upcoming by-election, they will pave the way to market and sell those.