Nazim says MNP’s decision to join PPM-PNC ‘unconditional’

MNP’s leader Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim during a press conference on September 12, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Maavee)

MNP’s leader Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim says that deal the party’s signed to partner with the opposition PPM-PNC coalition for the next five years does not involve a condition that the MNP must be given a share of government positions, or any other condition.

Speaking to press at a joint conference by the MNP and PPM-PNC on Tuesday, Nazim said that “dividing and distributing positions” isn’t in the best interest under the current circumstances.

“Our entire focus is on winning this election. Nothing else. It [the agreement] has been prepared to create a conducive environment for us to work together. In Sha Allah, we will ensure Dr. [Mohamed] Muizzu wins the election by a landslide,” he said.

Nazim said that Muizzu has earned the MNP’s trust.

“Paperwork isn’t important. He just told the people. He will maintain the trust in his word. There is no greater trust,” he said.

Nazim expressed confidence that the partnership between MNP and the PPM-PNC will produce “a favorable outcome for the country.”

Muizzu, who led the first round of voting on Saturday with 46 percent of votes, told reporters that he takes responsibility for everything he says.

“I assure you that my words will meet action,” he said.

Muizzu said that he will honor the agreement with MNP.

PNC’s leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) said that the PPM-PNC signed the coalition deal with MNP “to conduct national work.” He said the coalition agreement does not involve “great oaths and pledges.”

“We did not prepare this agreement with great oaths or pledges. We discussed that the only way to save the country from its current plight is for us to work together. We did not write out slicing up the cabinet and companies,” he said.

Abdul Raheem said the PPM-PNC will treat MNP fairly.