337 cases of theft reported so far this year

Police Headquarters Shaheed Hussain Adam Building.

Statistics publicized by Maldives Police Service show that 337 cases of theft have been reported to them so far this year.

As per the statistics, a total of 881 cases have been reported to the Police so far this year. The most common type of crime reported is that of theft; being 337 cases.

The second most common type of cases submitted is over lost properties – being 115. Meanwhile, 113 cases pertaining to drugs have been reported.

In addition to this, 23 cases of domestic violence and 59 cases of criminal breach of trust have also been reported.

According to the statistics – a total of 96 accidents have been reported this year. Meanwhile, 25 cases of robbery have been reported.

27 cases of sexual harassment and 34 cases of assault and violence have also been reported so far this year.

As per statistics by the Police, the most common type of crime reported last year had also been theft; totaling up to 4,754 cases.