Maleeh: Male’ main harbor will be sold to a foreign party if MDP wins by-election

Former Technology Minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamal speaks at a PPM campaign event at Sh. Komandoo. (Photo/PPM)

Former Technology Minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamal has stated if MDP wins the vacant Komandoo parliamentary seat, they will sell the main harbor in Male’ City to a foreign party.

At an event held last night at Sh. Komandoo as part of PPM’s candidate Moosa Fathuhy Adam’s campaign for the Komandoo parliamentary seat by-election, Maleeh said that MDP had previously sold the main airport in the Maldives, Velana International Airport, to a foreign party. He added that it was PPM that had gotten back the airport for Maldivians.

Maleeh also alleged that plans to sell the main harbor in Male’ City, had been made in a way Maldivians will never get it back.

Noting that all imports to the Maldives are cleared through that harbor, Maleeh said that MDP winning the Komandoo parliamentary seat is a threat to the whole Maldives.

“Male’s main harbor, that imports to this islands come through this harbor. The imports to Maldivian resorts also comes through Male’ main harbor. All imports to the country comes through that harbor. Should that harbor fall in the hands of a foreign party, then that is the end,” he had said.

Maleeh also refuted the claims at MDP campaign events stating the current administration is carrying out many projects.

In this regard, he said that Maldives will not have a citizen that will believe when MDP talks about development. He pointed out that although Thilamale’ bridge has been contracted to the company, physical works on the project have yet to commence.

Maleeh also went on to say that the month of February, is an unlucky month for MDP political wise – adding that having the election in February, is therefore, a good omen for PPM.

“MDP’s administration ended on February 7, It is a good omen for us, having the election in the month of February. With our hard work and god’s will, we will end MDP’s administration this time on February 5, by the votes you cast,” he had said.