Dhiraagu introduces 'Hello Prepaid' for expatriates

Dhiraagu introduced a new mobile plan "Hello Prepaid' targeting expatriates. (Photo/Dhiraagu)

Telecom giant Dhiraagu has introduced a new Prepaid plan, 'Hello Prepaid' targetting expatriates living in Maldives. 

According to Dhiraagu, this new plan was made for nationals from Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Thailand and China. Notably, the highest number of expatriates residing in Maldives are from these countries. 

Detailing features in the new plan, Dhiraagu stated that customers who sign up will have the option to choose their country, which would give them special country benefits throughout the year. Additionally, customers can use the standard prepaid benefits through this splan as well. 

As per Dhiraagu, the 'Hello Prepaid' SIM kits were available for immediate purchase from Customer Service Centers, sales tents in Male', Hulhumale', and partner shops. 

Meanwhile, existing Dhiraagu customers have the option of migrating to the new package by sensing an SMS too 44 with the keywords 'PKG HELLO'.

Dhiraagu said that the company was committed to ensuring that better value is provided for all their customers regardless of nationality.

"It is our highest priority to ensure that we leave no one behind while we enrich lives and take on tomorrow."