Indian teachers request protection due to harassment on streets

A capture from a protest held as part of the opposition coalition's 'India Out' campaign. (Sun Photo/Naail Hussain)

Education Ministry, on Sunday, has voiced out concern over cases being submitted regarding the harassment of Indian teachers working at island schools on the streets, as the opposition coalition strengthens their ‘India Out’ campaign across the country.

A significant number of Indian teachers work different Maldivian schools across the country. Indian teachers are usually recruited to teach subjects which local teachers are unavailable for.

Education Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Ahmed Ali told Sun today that two cases, from two islands, of Indian teachers being harassed on the streets by groups, calling ‘India Out’ at them, have been brought to the attention of the Ministry.

“They have been requesting at schools to ensure their safety as well. Therefore, this is an extremely pressing concern of ours. This is deeply correlated to the future of our children,” he had said.

“Should they not feel safe in those islands, they will not remain there to work. That would be a major loss,” he added.

Ahmed Ali said that such cases have been reported to Maldives Police Service as well.

‘India Out’ campaign which is spearheaded by opposition leader, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, is presently the most prominent at Shaviyani Atoll. In this regard, Yameen and the opposition coalition’s leadership is currently touring the atoll. Yameen has recently urged the public to graffities ‘India Out’ on the walls of houses.

Education Ministry has also requested the Police to investigate ‘India Out’ and ‘Say No To Indian’ being graffitied on the wall of Sh. Funadhoo School.

Speaking further, Ahmed Ali also voiced concern over the fact that ‘India Out’ activities are carried out in a manner that students see it, whilst the Komandoo by-election campaigns are ongoing.

“Installing banners in school areas, graffitiing school walls. Acts of this level have been noticed only within the past two days. This is saddening. These are things students should not see,” he had said.


‘India Out’ campaign is an initiative of the opposition coalition – which calls for the removal of Indian military personnel stationed in the Maldives. A lot of individuals have been raising voice in support of the campaign, via social media and other means.