Minimum standard set for higher educational Quran courses

Avid college graduation ceremony held on November 4, 2019. A total of 713 students graduated from Avid college which is one of the largest colleges in the country. (Photo/Mihaaru)

A minimum standard has been set for higher educational Quran courses.

Maldives Qualification Authority (MQA) launched ‘Minimum Standard for higher educational Quran courses’ on Thursday.

The special ceremony held to launch the minimum standard was honored by Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir.

The ceremony was also attended by Higher Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, members of MQA’s Advisory Board, Certificate Panel and Quran Panel.

Speaking at the ceremony, MQA’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Hannan Waheed said that setting the minimum standard for higher education Quran courses will ensure improve the efficiency of students graduating from these courses.

Higher Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan added that it is a testament to the importance given by the current administration for religious studies. He also reiterated that the current government will always work on protecting the Islamic religion in the Maldives.

Islamic Minister Dr. Ahmed Zahir said that the minimum standard will ease the difficulties faced by education institutes offering higher educational Quran courses as well as the difficulties students undertaking such courses face.

MQA passed the minimum standard for college/university Quran courses during a meeting of the Advisory Board.

Circular pertaining to the minimum standard states that it was formulated to address the concerns and complaints regarding the standard of students, unify the curriculum of all higher educational institutes, unify the duration of the courses at all higher educational institutes and produce capable and quality teachers.

As per the circular, Qāri courses, Qira’at Courses, Quran teaching courses and Imam courses will be considered as higher educational programs.

The minimum standard has six parts; they are core modules, curriculum, course duration, credit point system, teacher’s requirements and course entry requirements.